Licensing for New Premises

If you’re thinking of opening a new bar, club, restaurant or shop, you’ll want to be certain that you’ll get a licence for it before you invest too much money into construction or commit to lengthy and expensive leases. That’s where we come in, your first application would be for a Provisional Premises Licence.

As long as you have outline or full Planning Permission for your proposed development, we can help you get a provisional licence from the licensing board, which can later be converted into a full premises licence.

To apply for a provisional licence you’ll need a certificate confirming the existence of appropriate planning permission, plans for the premises and an Operating Plan describing how the business will be run. Your application will then be open to public comment for a 21-day period.

We can seek all necessary certificates, prepare the application and appear before the licensing board on your behalf – giving your case the best possible chance of success. We can also help you get your provisional licence confirmed once your new premises are nearing completion.


Operating Plan

a document in the prescribed form containing—

  1. a description of the activities to be carried on in the premises,
  2. a statement of the times during which it is proposed that alcohol be sold on the premises,
  3. a statement as to whether the alcohol is to be sold for consumption on the premises, off the premises or both,
  4. a statement of the times at which any other activities in addition to the sale of alcohol are to be carried on in the premises,
  5. where alcohol is to be sold for consumption on the premises, a statement as to whether children or young persons are to be allowed entry to the premises and, if they are to be allowed entry, a statement of the terms on which they are allowed entry including, in particular—
    1. the ages of children or young persons to be allowed entry,
    2. the times at which they are to be allowed entry, and
  6. the parts of the premises to which they are to be allowed entry,
  7. information as to the proposed capacity of the premises,
  8. prescribed information about the individual who is to be the premises manager, and
  9. such other information in relation to the premises and the activities to be carried on there as may be prescribed.

Planning Permission

Formal permission from a local authority for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development or for the change of use of land from one designated purpose to another.

Provisional Premises Licence

A premises licence granted in respect of any such premises that, at the time the application is made, the premises are yet to be, or are in the course of being, constructed or converted for use as licensed premises.

s.50 Planning Certificate

a certificate signed on behalf of the appropriate authority and stating:

  1. that planning permission under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 (c. 8) (referred to in this section as “the 1997 Act”) in respect of any development of the subject premises in connection with their proposed use as licensed premises has been obtained, or
  2. that no such planning permission is required.