Confirming a Provisional Licence

After you get your Provisional Premises Licence and finish building your premises you will need to convert the Provisional Licence into a full Premises licence before trading can start.  This process is called 'Confirmation'.  

To confirm you licence you will need:

  • Details of your proposed Designated Premises Manager (DPM), including their contact and personal licence details.
  • A full planning certificate, issued by the planning authority proving your premises has full planning permission (if this was not submitted with your provisional premises licence application).
  • A building standards certificate, issued by the  Council's building standards officers confirming that the building work has been completed satisfactorily.
  • If you intend to provide food, a food hygiene certificate, issued by the  Council's environmental health officers proving that the premise has the necessary equipment to prepare and serve food.

A confirmation fee is also payable to the Licensing Board, the value of the payment depends upon the rateable value of the premises.

Finally, if the layout of your premises has varied during the building process, you may need to update your licence with a variation application.

If some or all of those requirements sound daunting, don’t worry: as one of the largest licensing solicitors in the UK, we deal with these types of requests every single day and can help you navigate this ever-changing area of law as simply and cost-effectively as possible.


Licensing Board

The local authority in whose area the premises are situated or you live.