When it comes to running an entertainment venue, planning permission is as important as holding the right licences.

Before you do anything you’ll need to check the planning permission on your building – it needs to be in the right class for what you are using it for and may come with restrictions surrounding the hours you can open.

You may also need to secure permissions for seemingly simple things such as putting up signage on the pavement, installing a smoking shelter or adding in a new kitchen ventilation system.

Failure to comply with these regulations – even if you have the correct premises and personal licences in place – will lead to prosecution under planning law, which can mean closure of your venue and even imprisonment in extreme cases.

However, if staying on the right side of the law for planning sounds daunting, don’t worry: as one of the largest specialist entertainment venue solicitors in the UK, we can help you navigate this ever-changing sea of regulation as simply and cost-effectively as possible.