Lawful Development Certificate

A Lawful Development Certificate can help protect you against various planning problems.

If you’re proposing to do some work to a venue that doesn’t require planning permission, you can apply for a lawful development certificate to confirm your position.

You can also use the certificates to make situations that are technically illegal legal. For instance, by making long-running breaches of Planning Permission conditions or planning use categories lawful.

As one of the leading entertainment venue solicitors in the UK, we can help you work out if a lawful development certificate is appropriate for you and make any necessary applications on your behalf.


Lawful Development Certificate

Permitted Development does not require permission from the Local Planning Authority to be undertaken.   If there is a question over whether your proposal passes the permitted development tests you may choose to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. This is not the same as planning permission but is proof that your project is lawful.

Permitted Development Rights

Some minor changes to a structure may not require Planning Permission and are considered to be ‘Permitted Development Rights’.  The scale of the permitted developments can vary from area to area and if the premises is a listed building further restrictions may apply.

Planning Permission

Formal permission from a local authority for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development or for the change of use of land from one designated purpose to another.