Occasional Licences

Whether you’re planning a wedding, festival or other one-off event, you may sometimes want to sell alcohol and provide entertainment in a place that is not licensed to do so.

In these instances it is possible to apply for an occasional licence, which can give temporary permissions for up to two weeks. Anyone can apply for an occasional licence, although voluntary organisations are limited in the number of licences they can obtain in a year.

We can help you evaluate whether your application for an Occasional Licence will be successful and where possible, achieve verification within four to six weeks.


Occasional Licence

Has effect for such period of not more than 14 days as the Licensing Board may determine and permits licensable activity during the hours specified in the licence.  An Occasional Licence cannot be granted in respect of Licensed Premises.  Only the following persons may apply for an Occasional Licence:

  1. the holder of a premises licence,
  2. the holder of a personal licence, and
  3. a representative of any voluntary organisation.

Personal Licence

A licence:

  1. issued to the individual by a Licensing Board under section 76(1) of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, and
  2. authorising the individual to supervise or authorise the sale of alcohol.


Any place and includes a vehicle, vessel or movable structure.