Unlike England & Wales, Scotland has a more flexible system when it comes to holding Marriage ceremonies outside of Council offices or religious institutions. 

A couple planning a civil marriage can seek permission from the local Registrar for approval of any premises which is not deemed religious.  This can include any other place within the Registrars district and can extend to ‘appropriate places in Scottish waters’.

Following changes to the law in 2014 same sex couples who have previously entered into a Civil Partnership can now enter into a marriage.

The Registrars’ permission is required and arrangements are subject to availability so forward planning is advised.

If you planning a wedding you should get in touch with your local Registrar.


Civil Partnership

A legally recognized union of a same-sex couple as defined by the Civil Partnership Act 2004.


The legally or formally recognized union of two persons as partners in a relationship as defined by the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014.


Government Officer responsible for maintaining information on official government registers including those referring to marriages and civil partnerships.