Gaming Machines

The gaming machines most commonly found in pubs are category C and have a jackpot of £100 or less. As a premises licence holder, you are entitled to install up to two of these machines once you have given the proper notice and fee to your local authority, this is called a Licensed Premises Notification (LPN).

However, there are many other types of permissions that we can help you apply for that will allow you to install more machines or machines with a higher jackpot value, such as the Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit (LPGMP).

Details of the different gaming machine categories can be found here: Gaming Machine Category Detail.


Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit (LPGMP)

An Permit issued by the Local Authority permitting the holder of an alcohol licence (for consumption on the premises) to install 3 or more category C or D machines.

Licensed Premises Notification (LPN)

This is what you need if you only have 2 or less gaming machines on site