Can I offer Bingo in my pub?

Bingo is permitted on licensed premises, licensed for the sale of alcohol on the premises, as long as the aggregate of stakes or aggregate prizes do not exceed £2,000 in any 7 day period. 

What licences do I require to operate a gambling business?

For the majority of business models you will require an Operating Licence and Personal Licences issued by the Gambling Commission together with a Premises Licence or Permit issued by the Local Authority. There are some exemptions to the requirement for the Gambling Commission licences. 

Can I allow poker to be played in my pub?

Poker is defined as "equal chance" gaming. The government has prescribed daily and weekly limits on Poker in alcohol licensed premises. Daily, each player can stake no more than £5 and the total sum of all players cannot exceed £100. There are also other applicable limits which affect this type of gaming. It is the responsibility of the premises operator to ensure these limits are not breached and can result in the criminal prosecutions.  

Can I allow a "Charity Race or Casino Night" at my premises?

The answer to this question is dependent upon a number of factors that change from event to event. It is possible to host a Charity event under strict conditions. To discuss these conditions and whether your event is legal, please call to discuss. 

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