Once we have submitted your application, the police will confirm within 21 days whether you have any previous convictions that are relevant to your application or confirm any other relevant information. They may also object to your application if they wish. Regardless, the application may need to be heard by the licensing board, who will decide whether to grant or refuse it.

Similarly if you commit a relevant offence after you’ve been granted a personal licence, the police may recommend that it is revoked and the matter will need to be considered by the licensing board.

As one of the largest licensing solicitors in the UK, we can help you determine the relevance of any convictions and appear in front of your local licensing board to give your application the best chance of success.


Basic Disclosure

An official copy of your criminal record. 


Following a period of rehabilitation, which varies depending on the sentence passed, an offence can be deemed spent and does not have to be disclosed in normal circumstances.  Sentences passed of over 4 years in length are never deemed spent.  Reoffending during the rehabilitation period can extend the total rehabilitation period.