Regulation & Enforcement

Regulation of taxi drivers is on the increase. From the moment you set foot in your cab your conduct will be monitored by a local enforcement officer.

They will be on the lookout for a wide range of offences including:

  • Plying for Trade without a licence
  • Failure to notify transfer of a Hackney carriage licence
  • Refusal to take a fare
  • Failure to report an accident
  • Interfering with a taxi meter
  • Allowing someone else to drive a Hackney carriage without the owner’s consent
  • Using an unlicensed private hire vehicle
  • Private hire operators not keeping records of bookings

If you are suspected of committing any of these offenses, commit another type of criminal offence or are accused of breaching your licence conditions the licensing authority can suspend or revoke your licence.

If you discover a potential investigation or prosecution is being brought against you, it is important to contact us straightaway.

As one of the largest specialist licensing solicitors in the UK, we can take care of everything from preparing any necessary paperwork to representing you in court.


Criminal Prosecution

Proceeding undertaken in a proper Court on behalf of the public with the prupose of convicting guilty defendants and dispensing appropriate punishment.

Magistrates’ Court

In England and Wales, a magistrates' court is a lower court, where all the criminal proceedings start and some civil matter including appeals against decisions of local licensing authorities.

Plying for Trade

Accepting customers who have hailed the vehicle on the street without a pre-booking the Journey with a Private Hire Operator