Security Industry Authority Check Compliance

07 Dec

Many licensed premises require under the terms of their licence the provision of Door Supervisors and it is a mandatory condition on all licences that:-

Any person carrying out a security activity at the premises in accordance with conditions attached to this licence must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority. For the purposes of this condition –
(a) "security activity" This is an activity to which paragraph 21(1)(a)of that Schedule 2 to the Private Security Industry Act 2001 applies,
(b) paragraph 8(5) of that schedule (interpretation of references to an occasion) applies as it applies in relation to paragraph 8 of that Schedule.

It therefore follows that Security Industry Authority (SIA) will from time to time undertake checks on compliance by those individuals and companies registered with it and those individuals purporting to be registered and therefore approved to undertake such activities.

On Saturday 27 November, investigators from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) conducted enforcement operations in Telford, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton. They were particularly looking for unlicesnsed security operatives and the operation was supported by West midlands police. Investigators and police visited many venues and spoke with operator and security operative in an attempt to gather intelligence on fraudulent activity such as bogus security companies, individuals operating without a licence, and signs of labour exploitation and modern-day slavery.

At the end of the operation there were found to be several potential offences committed under Private Security Industry Act (PSIA) and Fraud Act. In particular a company supplying unlicensed operatives and people working without a current licence.

Commenting on the operations Pete Easterbrook, SIA Head of Criminal Investigations said:

“The purpose of the SIA is to protect the public through effective regulation. Members of the public should be able to enjoy their nights out, confident that the venues they attend are secured by vetted, qualified and licensed individuals.
“The vast majority of the private security industry take their obligations seriously and recognise the important role the private security industry plays in keeping the public safe. There are however a small number of individuals and businesses who show a complete disregard for regulation, and in doing so place the public at risk. Following Saturday’s operation, we will be scrutinising the activities of these individuals and businesses very closely. We will not hesitate to take swift and robust action against those fail to comply.”

We would recommend that you check the wording of any SIA condition and if in doubt as to the veracity of any security operatives supplied to you can check on the SIA website

Law correct at the date of publication.
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