Potential Impact of Coronavirus - Scotland - Training

17 Mar

Those operating in Scotland will know that there is a clear timeline for the undertaking of training which ties in with the requirements to refresh and renew Personal Licences issued under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

In essence, training has to be undertaken every 5 years within a prescribed period of time so as to allow for submission to the Licensing Board to either refresh or renew the Personal Licence, failure to undertake either will result in the Personal Licence being revoked.  Revocation of the Personal Licence will render the Holder incapable of being the Designated Premises Manager of the site and therefore the ability so as to sell alcohol will cease as the premises will be in breach of a mandatory condition.

We are already aware of course cancellations for both the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder course (6 hours) and the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder refresher (3 hours) course. It is therefore possible that individuals will not hold the relevant qualification in time to submit to their Board so as to either refresh or renew their Licence.  We would urge all Personal Licence Holders who are aware that they are approaching a 5 year or 10 year anniversary of their Licence to look at the dates so that they are fully aware of their own position.  Any dispensation on submission will require Government intervention and with everything else that is happening it is not expected that this will be provided.

We are enquiring with the Licensing Boards as to whether there is a way forward and we will continue to update.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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