Nottingham to Consult on Revocation of Late Night Levy

03 May

Nottingham City Council’s Licensing Committee are due to meet on Friday (6th May).  Included in the published agenda is a review of the City’s Late-Night Levy Scheme (LNL).

The recommendation within the report is:

“That the Licensing Committee authorise a period of statutory consultation seeking views on the revocation of the Late-Night Levy scheme to take effect from the end of the levy period on 31 October 2022.”

The current Nottingham Levy charges range from £299 (Band A) to £4,440 (Band E, with multiplier).  The rationale for the proposed consultation and cessation of the LNL is stated as being to reflect the financial pressures on businesses resulting from the pandemic and the cancellation of the LNL would reduce the financial burden on premises.  At present the report states that 144 premises in the city boundary are liable to pay the LNL.

109 premises are already exempt from the LNL by being part of the City’s Business Improvement District (BID).    The report states:

the LNL now disproportionately impacts on businesses located outside the city centre in the local community areas…”

We shall keep you updated.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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