Increased activity in test purchasing

21 Feb

After a period of apparent inactivity, we are starting to receive reports of enforcement activity around test purchasing for under age sales of alcohol.

It is perhaps understandable that since the onset of COVID in 2020 we have not heard of much organised test purchasing by the Authority’s.

However, with the easing of COVID restrictions, it is perhaps not surprising that such testing is occurring.

The reports we have received relate to an operation by police in the Chorley and Buckshaw village area in Lancashire, where it is reported that of 13 premises tested 3 failed.

It is always advisable to keep on top of staff training and ensuring robust systems are in place around under age sale prevention.

If you require any assistance in that regard please get in touch with our team as we can assist in providing due diligence training and systems.

Law correct at the date of publication.
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