Drink Spiking | House of Commons Committee Report

27 Apr

On Tuesday (26th April) the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee published their report on ‘Spiking’, which can be found here in full.

The report includes a number of conclusions and recommendations following evidence from a number of sources including live witnesses from a variety of backgrounds and experiences including those with lived experience of spiking, local government, police and other areas (but not including the hospitality industry itself).

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) were among industry representatives who did submit written evidence to the Committee.

The report itself is over 50 pages long and calls for, amongst other things, an increase in education around the issue of spiking and the introduction of a specific offence to deal with this issue (while recognising there are already several current legal offences under which offenders can be dealt with). 

“Improvements in reporting, investigating and prosecuting spiking incidents are urgently needed, to improve support for victims and to act as a deterrent.”

The Government now has two months in which to respond to the report and its recommendations. 

Law correct at the date of publication.
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