Action plan to tackle shoplifting launched

24 Oct

On Monday (23rd October 2023), Policing Minister Chris Philp chaired a meeting with senior police leaders and 13 of the UK’s biggest retailers to launch ‘Pegasus’ a new Retail Crime Action Plan designed to tackle the rise in shoplifting, catch more offenders and keep retail workers safe.

The BBC reports that the retailer Partners will provide £800,000 of funding over two years to fund the scheme while the Government will contribute £30,000 in the first year.

As part of the Action Plan Police attendance at scenes will be prioritised in the following circumstances:

  • Where violence has been used.
  • Where an offender has been detained (for example, by store security) police will attend the scene with urgency and repeat / prolific or juvenile offenders will be treated with elevated priority. All police attendance will be subject to a THRIVE risk assessment (Threat, Harm, Risk, Investigation, Vulnerability, Engagement)
  • Where evidence needs to be promptly secured which can only be done in person by police personnel e.g., securing forensic evidence.
Law correct at the date of publication.
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