A Jubilee opportunity?

12 Apr

You will no doubt be aware, not least from our recent news article ('Licensing Hours to be Extended for Queens Platinum Jubilee') that the government will be relaxing licensing hours for the Queens Platinum Jubilee on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th  of June 2022.

An interesting local development has reached us from Barrow Council. It is being suggested that the local council may relax requirements to obtain Pavement licences for street parties to celebrate the Jubilee. No detail is available yet, but it appears that if adopted would encourage the celebration of the Jubilee in communities without the need to go through the usual application process for a Pavement Licence. We will have to wait and see if adopted and if so whether this then spreads to other Local Authority areas. This may be of interest to Pubs and other licensed premises who are well known for supporting and often organising such events near their premises

One point of great importance to remember is that even if the requirements for a pavement licence are relaxed in a particular area, upon whatever terms, this will NOT remove the requirement to submit a Temporary Event Notice if you want to sell alcohol at such an event

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Law correct at the date of publication.
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