Marriage Licence

A Marriage Act or Civil Partnership licence can be obtained from your local authority and allows premises to host marriages and civil ceremonies. The ceremony itself is conducted by an approved Registrar or other appropriate officer.

Not every premises is suitable, as part of any application the premises will be inspected and only those premises which are, in the opinion of the council, a seemly and dignified venue for the proceedings will be approved. 

A number of hotels have successfully applied for these permission however a wide range of premises can seek permission including pubs and banquet suites. Religious premises are not licensable under these provisions.

The application fee differs from area to area but is often substantial and non-refundable, should the application fail. Our team of solicitors have experience of obtaining licences across the country and can help you at every step of the way from evaluating your prospects of success to the preparation and submissions of your application; all you need to do is get in touch.


Civil Partnership

A legally recognized union of a same-sex couple.


The legally or formally recognized union of two persons as partners in a relationship. 


Government Officer responsible for maintaining information on official government registers including those referring to marriages and civil partnerships.