Late Night Levy

The late night levy is an optional power which enables Licensing Authorities in England and Wales to charge a levy to premises who sell alcohol late at night as a means of raising a contribution towards the costs of policing the late-night economy.

The late night levy can affect premises who operate between midnight and 6am, depending on the scheme designed by the licensing authority.

Not every Licensing Authority has chosen to implement a late night levy, below is a map showing details of late night levies that are in place or being consulted on.

What is the aim of the late night levy?

The levy empowers local authorities to charge businesses that supply alcohol

late into the night for the extra enforcement costs that the night-time economy

generates for police and licensing authorities.

Why was the late night levy introduced?

The late night levy was introduced to help local authorities pay for additional policing that nightlife requires.

Who will the late night levy affect?

If a licensing authority chooses to introduce the levy in their area, all licensed

premises which are authorised to supply alcohol in the levy period will be


Premises that do not wish to operate in the levy period will be able

to make a free minor variation to their licence before the levy is introduced. 

If the levy is about to be introduced in your local area, get in touch with John Gaunt & Partners and we can help you adjust your premises licence. 

Which businesses are exempt from the late night levy?

Certain premises can be exempted from the late night levy depending on the local authority and can include:

  • Premises with overnight accommodation
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Bingo halls
  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs (‘CASCs’)
  • Community premises
  • Country village pubs
  • Business Improvement Districts (‘BIDs’)

Need advice on the late night levy?

John Gaunt & Partners are expert licensing solicitors. If you’re interested in how the late night levy affects your premises, get in touch with our team today.


Licensing Authority

  1. the council of a district in England,
  2. the council of a county in England in which there are no district councils,
  3. the council of a county or county borough in Wales,
  4. the council of a London borough,
  5. the Common Council of the City of London,
  6. the Sub-Treasurer of the Inner Temple,
  7. the Under-Treasurer of the Middle Temple, or
  8. the Council of the Isles of Scilly.