Getting a Club Premises Certificate

Whether it’s for an existing building or one you intend to build, we can help you get the Club Premises Certificate you need to supply alcohol, provide entertainment and offer hot food and drink after 11pm.

All new applications for a club premises licence are subject to a 28-day public consultation period, where members of the public and authorities such as the police can make comments about your application. 

Notice of your application needs to be displayed at the premises and in the local newspaper and a copy must be sent to a number of different authorities.

If the application receives objections, the application will be need to be considered by the local licensing committee. Councillors will then make a decision to grant, refuse or grant in part the application. 

We regularly appear before committees on behalf of our clients in support of their applications and will do everything we can to give your case the best chance of success.


Club Premises Certificate

A certificate granted by a licensing authority under part 4 of Licensing Act 2003.