SCPLH (Scotland) - eLearning Course and Qualification only

You can’t apply for a personal licence in Scotland without having the Scplh - Scottish Certificate For Personal Licence Holders qualification.

However, if you’re worried that is going to cause a big hold up in your quest for a personal license don’t be: as one of the largest licensing solicitors in the UK, we can help you get qualified as quickly and easily as possible.

Course Fee: £120.00 +VAT (Per Person)

Our course is delivered through eLearning which you can undertake at your leisure. You will then be scheduled onto one of our BIIAB accredited exam sessions.

Once you have purchased the course, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to sit the exam.

Our courses cover:

The SCPLH covers the specification set by the Scottish Government to enable learners to understand the law in relation to:

  • The roles, responsibilities and functions of Licensing Boards and Licensing Standards Officers
  • The application process for a personal licence
  • The application process for premises and occasional licences, mandatory and discretionary conditions.
  • Protection of children from harm
  • The content and purpose of an operating schedule and risk assessment
  • Drunkenness and disorderly behaviour
  • Licensed hours
  • Control of order
  • The responsible retail sale of alcohol
  • Roles and responsibilities of the personal licence holder and the penalties related to failure to comply with the law
  • Unauthorised licensable activities
  • Rights of entry to licensed premises
  • The strengths of alcoholic, drinks and the effects of alcohol on the human body.

We will provide you with all the appropriate training materials and course requirements in advance and we can even help you with the next stage of applying for your personal licence.

The exam is a 40 minute multiple choice exam which will be undertaken online.

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SCPLH (Scotland) - eLearning Course and Qualification only
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