House of Lords Select Committee - evidence given!


04 Nov

Last Tuesday, partner John Gaunt appeared before the HoL Select Committee on Licensing.  Also giving evidence at the 45 minute session was Professor Roy Light and Andy Grimsey of PA.

The anticipation proved rather more daunting that the session itself!

Topics covers included an overview of the effectiveness of the 2003 Act; consideration of the performance of licensing sub-committees; the respective roles of planning and licensing and their inter-relationship; statutory guidance; possible issues with the police and the presentation of evidence; closure powers; the appeal system; proposed changes to Cumulative Impact Policies with the intention that such be put on a statutory footing; and a brief consideration of the legality of ‘super strength’ alcohol schemes.

An official recording of the session is here – it is the first section:

A full written transcript should shortly be available on the Select Committee Website -

Law correct at the date of publication.
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