Festive Temporary Event Notices 2016

23 Nov

With the festive season fast approaching it may be worth considering applying for a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) to trade a few longer hours.

If you do decide to apply for TENs - a reminder that for a full notice TEN, 10 working days’ notice is required - so for an extension for the Friday week before Christmas (16 December 2016) the TEN needs to be submitted and be received by the Council by Thursday 1 December 2016. (Although you should avoid the use of a 'Late TEN', if you can get away with it, the deadline would be 8 December 2016).

For New Year's Eve, the date is Wednesday 14 December 2016 (or Wednesday 21 December 2016 for a 'Late TEN').

If you need any assistance in applying for TENs, please contact Laura Mateer on 0114 266 8664 or lmateer@john-gaunt.co.uk.

Obviously the earlier you apply, the better!

Law correct at the date of publication.
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